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Monsters Inc Icons

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January 1st, 2005

ffx2_rox @ 11:17 am: Hey everyone. My hotmail account wasnt working so i had to start a new one. so if you requested to join then just request again. well...actually ya know what, im gunna make this just open like...yeah ok. ya

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June 12th, 2004

ffx2_rox @ 07:05 pm:

[Mood|  Calm]

Ok for those who know that i posted on Disney_requests that i made a monstersincicons community, that post has been taken down.... SO could you pleaz tell your friends about this site if they like monsters inc and/or they like making icons ^_^ thanx that would be greatly appricaited

June 11th, 2004

ffx2_rox @ 11:52 am:

[Mood|  Curious]

Hi! Welcome to the Monsters Inc Icons Community!!

As you may already know this is a place for posting Monsters Inc Icons. Im Hoping that we will get lots of members and icon creaters for this community! ^_^ If you are interested in making icons for this community or posting icons pleaz notify me! ^_^

Just a little bit curious....... but does anyone know where i can get a free account monsters inc layout? or where i could find one?

Thanx so much ^_^


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